Palisades High students chronicle ‘an epidemic level’ of young people dying from gun violence

They were killed by acquaintances, by enemies, by accident.

Some were riding their bikes, some were running for cover, some didn’t see the bullets coming.

In a single year, nearly 1,200 Americans 18 and younger were victims of gun violence. The carnage has become so numbingly commonplace that most victims perish without much notice, and our collective silence is broken only by the next hail of gunfire.

At Palisades Charter High School, a small group of students wanted to do something about that. So for months, as part of a national team of teen journalists, they researched media accounts, dug through police reports and scanned social media to find details about young people killed by guns in the 365 days after the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting on Valentine’s Day 2018 that left 17 students and staff members dead.

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