This Rainbow-lit Ice Skating Trail Is True Winter Magic

In a Canadian city where temperatures can dip to -35 degrees Celsius (-31 degrees Fahrenheit), officials and designers have come up with a creative way to make the outdoors more whimsical in the winter.

The Victoria Park IceWay, or "Freezeway" in Edmonton, Alberta, is a skating trail adorned with colorful lighting that provides visitors with a fairytale-like scene.

The trail, created in 2015, spans roughly 2,700 square meters, taking visitors through the park’s lush terrain as they skate through a rainbow winter wonderland.

Matt Gibbs, a landscape architect, first came up with the "Freezeway" as a fun way for people in Edmonton to be able to commute.

And it looks like visitors to the park have been enjoying the Victoria Park IceWay once again this winter:

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